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The Community Harm Reduction initiative (CHRI) enables communities to address concerns about drug and alcohol misuse.

CHRI is a structured response that aims to bring together local agencies, community organisations and also individual citizens in order to tackle an issue that is too big for one sector to take on alone.


Principles of the Community Harm Reduction Initiative

1. Reduce Alcohol/Drug Related Harm

  • A commitment to reducing alcohol/drug related harm in your community

2. Community Development

  • A commitment to community development principles
  • Active community participation to include a broad cross section of local people in the CHRI

3. Partnership

  • Individuals, community groups and local agencies working together in partnership to reduce alcohol/drug related harm in the community
  • Openness and willingness to working with others
  • Equal ownership of decision-making and equal input into the design and delivery of necessary actions
  • Strong leadership, trust and commitment to working under the principles of the CHRI

Why the Community Harm Reduction Initiative?

  • Empowers communities to engage with drug and alcohol issues
  • Helps communities plan and organise and become a partner in their own development.
  • Identifies community needs and aims to match those needs with appropriate local responses
  • Promotes wider participation from the community in making things happen
  • Supports local democracy and active citizenship
  • Helps bring communities together and promotes community cohesion

Community Harm Reduction Initiative Steps



1.Expression of Interest

a) Communities can express interest to the Western Region Drugs Task Force directly or via local the community liaison worker in order to be considered for CHR.

2. Start Up Phase

a) Formation of an initial working group to be representative of local community agencies, businesses and members of the wider community.

b) The local Community Liaison Worker (CLW) will meet with the working group to discuss the CHR initiative and the steps involved.

c) A clear signal of commitment and support to the CHR initiative by the working group.

3. Community Needs Assessment

a) The Community Needs Assessment may be carried out using one or more of the following methods. (Community Survey, Community Meeting, Focus Groups)etc.

b) Data collection should be representative of the whole community.

c) Data is analysed and collated

4. Development of Project Match Committee

a) Presentation of local identified needs to the wider community

b) Recruitment of community members for CHRI Committee

c) Formalisation and development of CHRI Committee

5. Implementation Stage

a)Committee identify actions and goals based on findings

b) Review of actions and CHRI to date

c) External sources of funding explored

d)Targeted design and delivery of initiatives based on actions and goals

6. Review

a) A one year review of the CHRI process will be conducted.

Support: the local CLW will act as a support to the community in developing the CHRI.


Western Region Drugs Task Force


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Community Liaison Worker (East Co. Galway & South Co. Roscommon)

Emmet Major

C/o Youthreach



Co. Galway


Tel: 093 26548
Mobile: 087 6629953
Fax: 093 26548
Email: communityliaison@eircom.net

Community Liaison Worker (Co. Mayo & North Roscommon)

Patrick Conway

South West Mayo Development Company


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Email: pconway@southmayo.com


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